2019 Small Business Stuck. Need more leads, more money. Read on.

Small Businesses in the UK seem to ignore a couple of basic facts about where we are now right now.

Rolling around the universe without a care in the world forgetting that time is a ticking and the moment you’ve spent reading this you’ll never get back.

Which is why the message is important. Like you I used to think that I had plenty of it, time that is. Only days blur into months and months years and then what? Death.

Death of your business, death of your relationships with clients and finally your death.

Make no mistake we all are heading one way.

Problem you have is this. You are faffing, messin’ about with your business and your time by not making the changes you need, not reaching out to that client or that business partner.

By not making the changes you know you should, you stay  small.

If you what you do is epic, if your opinion is ground breaking, if you should be doing £10k per month instead of £2k what are you going to do about it.

For me. I’ve seen the future. Only I spotted it in 2010. I knew what was coming which Is why I sold one business and started another. And guess what? Change has continued to come, things have continued to move forward and most businesses are still in 2010 – hoping things are going to get better.

Distractions are all around, elections, Brexit, Trump. None of this will matter in ten years time, provided you make some changes now.

I know. I’ve been stuck. I’ve been unable to move forward. Which is how I know how to solve these problems.

It’s scary being stuck in your own head, not knowing what to do. But you know what, give me a month and I’ll show you how to transform what you do.

And, if I can’t do it in a month I know I can do it in two.

Fill in your info below and I’ll be in touch.

[su_service title=”Ten Days of My Best Advice” icon=”icon: pound”]10 Days of my very best advice. At no charge and no obligation. You get the very best of what I know, wrapped up in an irreverant but none the less truthful (and sweary) series of emails. Get in, they are on me. And will add many thousands to your bottom line.



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