2020 Lead Generation – Small Business Mindset

I’m back from Spain. But what has that got to do with your business and making sure you are selling enough. Post is in a couple of parts.

  1. What you need to know
  2. What you need to do

Without a doubt Galicia, Northern Spain is very different from the south.People,language and scenery are all very different.

Never been? You should. It’s an eyeopener. Not sure how the economy survives there but it does. Very rural and very lovely. There is more on that to come.

So how is it for you? End of the summer and everything should be bubbling under for you. Christmas is coming so you should be working on getting your sales promotions going and lining up some offers. Yeah I really did mention that Christmas word – get over it.

Your customers have money they want to give you. Really.

Whilst I was away I allowed myself a little more thinking time than usual, sat on an empty beach (yup Galicia has plenty) I reminded myself what a great animal us humans really are, opposing thumbs and a big creative brain. There is no reason for our species not to be a success.

For many, that’s not the case. Good friends of mine have just left for India to teach. He teaches P.E and his wife is a Head Teacher.  There are few Gyms in India, and whilst there is a passion around Cricket, few actually play. Even less Indians do keep fit or and even less Spin classes (whatever that is).

It interested me, and my friend explained that most Indians were so close to being the poorest on the planet – most of their time was spent working or doing their very best to secure money for food.

No time for leisure activities.

Interestingly enough, it was the 1980’s that saw an increase in the number of married couples where both worked and as more people entered the workplace salary decreased.

The Resolution Foundation estimates that self employed income is now back at 2001 levels on average.

There is a lot you can do about it. Just being a Bricklayer or Plasterer now is not good enough – it’s just too competitive  and you if you compete on price alone the poor house beckons.

So what to do?

I already believe that the answers for all us self employed business owners lies in a couple of narrow areas.

  • Managing your time effectively
  • Planning how to use your time effectively
  • Sorting out your own headtrash – the voice only you can hear
  • Automating the crap out of everything you do
  • Have a long term plan and uber short term goals

Get these right and you’ll buck the trend.

So what next amigo?  What you going to do?

You can join my Ninja’s on the link below to get some hands on hardcore stuff that will change your business life. Or you can keep doing the same things you’ve done so far. Which will get to exactly where you are today.


Nuff sed.


PS Got some more on this ‘headtrash’ and related matters coming this week.

Let me know how it’s going for you and how I can give you that leg up. Get in www.therichardsmith.com/ninja

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