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The presentation for today outlines a couple of points (5)  that most UK business owners seem not to get, and of course those that do seem not to  action.

Areas covered, Social Media, The Internet and Marketing.

“We build Lead Generation Machines for Businesses that work. If you do not see a tangible increase in the number of enquires or an increase in the level of business in the first 12 months of us working together there will be a full refund (no quibbles, we part friends)  of any costs charged to you for our work”

These Lead Generation Machines. take advantage of all the available technology (the Internet, Social Media, Video, Telephone, Direct Marketing and of course PR, this is not an exhaustive list).

The definitions I am talking about here are as follows.

Lead – or enquiry about your product or service, an expression of interest

Generation – to make or produce

Machine- to produce via mechanical or automated means

Businesses – commercial enterprise: the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects;

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Richard Smith –  Marketing and Internet Expert

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“so what is your plan b ? Another redesign of your Website, some more ad’s in the Yellow Pages, keep on doing the same old stuff you will get the same results that you have always got. To think otherwise is like New Labour thinking Gordon Brown will win another election and even a stupid business owner knows the answer to that”  Richard Smith – The Internet Consultancy- comment at The Internet Marketers Lunch – Strand Palace Hotel July 2010

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